If you think dietary fat is bad, think again.

I spent more than thirty years yo-yo dieting. Most of the diets required I cut the fat from my diet, and even the most “balanced” called for limiting fats to a couple of teaspoons a day. I was cranky and irritable, then moody and lethargic after the initial high of a new diet and the accompanying weight loss wore off. I tried to sustain the effort to stick with it, even though my weight loss...

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Is your DNA your destiny?

In 1984, when I started graduate school in psychology, researchers were just beginning to look at the interaction between nature and nurture to understand what led to the development of mental illness. Throughout the 1950′s most mental illness was understood to fall squarely on the shoulders of mothers – terms like the schizophrenogenic mother were used to describe a rejecting mother who caused schizophrenia in her offspring. In the late 1960′s, the medicalization of mental...

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Would your 80-year-old self like the body you have now?

When I was younger, I didn’t like my body. Every time I compared myself to others, I came up short. My hips were too wide, my torso too short, my thighs rubbed together, my hair was too curly and frizzy, my teeth too crooked. I had body image issues without realizing I had body image issues. The only time I appreciated my body was when I was pregnant and having babies and breastfeeding them. I believed...

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“I don’t believe that there is any situation or any person on this planet who cannot be helped, whose life cannot be made better. And many of these situations can be cured…If your doctor doesn’t know something, it doesn’t mean that the knowledge doesn’t exist elsewhere…Nobody is beyond hope. Nobody.”

— Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

What is Dynamic Eating Psychology?

Until recently the term eating psychology was synonymous with eating disorders, a troublesome relationship with food needing fixing. In recent years Marc David, the founder and director of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating in Boulder, CO, developed a new field of Dynamic Eating Psychology, a positive eating psychology, appropriate for everyone – not only for those with disordered eating, a small percentage of the population – but for every one of us who...

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