This Week is MS Awareness Week

I have not written yet on this blog about having MS. This was a deliberate decision, because I felt for years MS defined who I was and how I lived my life. Over the last year, I freed myself from the cognitive and emotional shackles of MS and settled in a place of strength and spiritual calm about living with an unpredictable, chronic illness. Not dwelling on an illness does not mean denying its existence. It...

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If you think dietary fat is bad, think again.

I spent more than thirty years yo-yo dieting. Most of the diets required I cut the fat from my diet, and even the most “balanced” called for limiting fats to a couple of teaspoons a day. I was cranky and irritable, then moody and lethargic after the initial high of a new diet and the accompanying weight loss wore off. I tried to sustain the effort to stick with it, even though my weight loss...

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“I don’t believe that there is any situation or any person on this planet who cannot be helped, whose life cannot be made better. And many of these situations can be cured…If your doctor doesn’t know something, it doesn’t mean that the knowledge doesn’t exist elsewhere…Nobody is beyond hope. Nobody.”

— Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride